Best Ways To Surprise Your Nigerian Wife


Society has erroneously made us believe that it is only women that try to be romantic to take the extra effort to make their spouses or partners happy. However, many people have been able to attest to the fact that men can also be very thoughtful in the relationship. For Nigerian men, the idea even seems more afar off.


The truth is that a lot of Nigerian men even when they want to surprise their wives or be romantic, do not exactly know how to go about it. If you are one of those men, here are a few tips on how to make your wife happy.

Cook her something

Nigerian men are not generally the cooks of the house, and a lot of them do not honestly try. This is why it is a very nice way to surprise your wife. Rather than the norm of calling your wife to tell her what you feel like eating, go home a little earlier and cook something simple for her. Of course, this works well if you haven’t been sharing the cooking before. If you do not know how to cook, put in a little effort to do research and she’ll love you more.

Surprise her at work

Many men are fond of leaving their wives to go about their businesses themselves. While it is fine to give your wife space, surprising her every once in a while is wonderful. It could be valentine gifts or a birthday cake if it’s her birthday. She’ll absolutely love it if her colleagues saw how wonderful a husband she has.

Get her a thoughtful gift

Gifts are not just restricted to birthdays or anniversaries; you can get your wife a gift for no reason at all. If she just got a promotion at work, get her a gift. If she just lost at something, a gift can be gotten to make her feel better as well. The point is that at every point you can, get her something to remind her that you’re thinking about her constantly.

Lunch at work

Take her out to lunch like you would if you were still trying to get her attention and you’ll refresh the love. You can also bring her lunch and give her something new to be happy about. It’s simple, but it is a surprise that would leave her smiling for the rest of the day, no matter how tough work gets.

Plan a getaway

Finally, you can pull of something grand by planning a special getaway for both of you. If you have a lot of money, a getaway out of the country would be spectacular. If not, take her to a nice hotel and get her off the stress of cooking and cleaning even if it is just for a weekend.

No matter what you do for her, it is the thought that counts. Every woman would appreciate effort when she sees it. Surprising her is a wonderful way to add spice into your marriage.

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