Anita Ese Odigie: The Rising Star Of Nollywood

Anita Ese Odigie

Nollywood is the Second Largest Movie producing company in the world.
According to Aljazeera, Nollywood is priced $5billion and produce more movies than Hollywood in United State.

Only second to Indian Bollywood. It is estimated that over one million people are currently employed in the industry (excluding pirates), which makes it Nigeria’s largest employer after agriculture.

It is no wonder many young people are going into the industry either as actors or crew members.

Anita Ese Odigie a graduate of Mass communication from the prestigious Benson Idahosa University is one of the new rising stars of Nollywood. The Costume designer and make up artiste has been a major contributor to the industry as she would say “in my little way”.
While relatively still new in the industry with about three years experience the young lady has been involved in multiple productions especially in Asaba.

Anita whose dream is to work in Hollywood one day is gradually building up her portfolio as she’s about to open up her own make up studio in her home town of Benin city. While she has enjoyed working with producers and directors in Asaba, she’s say her ultimate aim is to break into the cinema movie scene in Lagos as she sees it has a step towards the right direction in achieving her main aim. As cinema movie budget is bigger thereby giving more room to explore your creativity and just do more generally in terms of production output.

Anita is a good example of not waiting for the government to provide job for you and she has made it her goal to also empower more young girls as she currently has two girls under her tutelage and she vows to train more young girls upon the completion of her studio space in Benin.

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