A Must Read: Boys Are Not Stones (II) – John Chizoba Vincent

Boys are being raped too.  Boys are being brutalised too. They get abused by women old enough to be their mother but they keep quiet because no one would believe their stories. Because we believe more in the abuse of the girlchild than the boychild, why?
 Why do the hyena only cry in the cave of the GIRLCHILD? Lest we forget,  the BOYCHILD is not a stone. Parents should take a look into our matters too.  Let’s relate this with a family that has a boy and a girl.  In the family diagram,  the girl is much considered in so many things than the boy even though the girl may be Older than him. They believe he is a man and can take good care of himself without knowing that in as much as he is a boy,  he has his own weaknesses weighing him down also but he won’t talk because the society taught him that talking makes him weaker as a man. He won’t cry either because crying will reduce him as a man.  So,  he has learnt to swallow more assulted bones than  his spit.

And no one would respect him if he says his mind.  This is where the society also offend the boychild. The society stereotyped him to think he is a super hero. Super man who can take care of himself. Many crazy things happen to boys.  We go through severe pains. The government will hear of this and nothing will be done.  No imprisonment,  no suspension. The priests hurt them. The pastors abuse them,  their mothers hit them and their sisters hurt them morally and the house help used them also but no one is saying anything about this.  Is there no hope for these boys? People don’t really care about what happen to these innocent boys. We say words like this: “if anything happen to my daughter”.  “Please take care of your sister”. “Protect your sister”. Then, what about the boys? We are like pastors who pray for other but hope unto God for their deepest success.

I think that the BOYCHILD should be given a voice to speak among his peers, a voice to listen to, a voice of expression. I think they should be given the chance to explain themselves. The right to see themselves in themselves. They shouldn’t be stereotyped, they should be taught how weak they are and not a super human.  Boys you are not super humans! take note. Let no one decieve you into believing that.

In as much as they invade into our territories and want to have us by all means, we should also defend ourselves. You know when the tale is told, the world will doubt us by saying ‘Women cannot rape or sexually assault boy’. “how can a boy be raped by a woman? ” so,  you have to defend your terrtories. This game is increasing day by day. And the society can’t see that.  We talk about the chikbok girls, Dapchi girls and those girls brutalised in the street yet,  the boys are not desired to talk about.

I actually observe that parents, especially mothers are just concerned about the girl child losing her virginity and getting pregnant and not worried about the BOYCHILD issues. They are not worried on that tale that the boy told them about Uncle Ricky removing his pant.  They are not moved by the stories they told them about the pastor touching them here and there. Maybe they believed that he was praying for them or maybe that Sunday school teacher that took Benny to the toilet and told him how big his manhood was was right saying that. Those striking matter disturbing boys, why do we shy away from them?

Lots of little boys are suffering in silence in the street.They can’t say a thing about the dangers they face everyday. Even if they speak out, who will believe them. How many people believe boys can be raped too or sexually abused in any occasion. Maybe you will understand better when an adult male opens up to you about the horrors of their childhood. This has been my thought and will also be my message, the consciousness I resound, we should try not to repeat societies mistake, raising one and neglecting another in the name of manhood. don’t raise a girl and the boy because you think he bold enough to stand alone.
©John Chizoba Vincent

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