7 Major Things Women In Nigeria Should Stop Doing

At this present point in time, it is unnerving finding women who do not know what to do with their lives in the society. Some women actually lack focus and need proper orientation in order for them to start exploring their potentials.

Quite a considerable number of women have been able to contribute to remarkable changes in the society; they are starting to handle projects that are big and are gaining recognition at different levels. It is bewildering seeing some women in Nigeria waste away because they do not know they have potentials embedded in them; skills waiting to be harnessed.

In Nigeria, many of the women do not know their worth; most of them are not ready to move out of their comfort zones or do things that are tasking. They would rather settle for smaller things in life and be praying and hoping a man would come out of nowhere and change their lives.

A few women in this part of the world rely more on luck than in striving to make something out of their lives and situations. They are too sentimental with many of them dwelling on the primitive thought that women should be relegated to the kitchen and should only function as household keepers.

Find below some of the things Nigerian women need to stop doing now:


1. Dependency

While marriage is a wonderful institution that promotes co-habitation and sharing, being totally dependent on your spouse is not healthy. While some women love the idea of sharing everything with their husbands, the union would suffer a great deal when they do not support their husbands in any way.

Men of this generation avoid marrying women who are liabilities; women that would make them spend more than they would ordinarily. Many women in Nigeria love the concept of being full housewives. No matter how small the business is, start something and put an end to this dependency.

2. Suffering in silence


Many women in Nigeria believe in putting up with all manners and forms of abuse in their relationships. They have been programmed to think they must not leave their marriages no matter what. While their resilience is something to be appreciated, this issue also calls for wisdom.

Many women endure scorn and hardship in marriages; some are being beaten physically and bashed with words. This would have an impact on their self-esteem and may cause them to suffer long bouts of depression.


3. Living fake lives


So many women in Nigeria just want attention; this is a country where you would meet women who has never seen the inside of a plane with British accent.

Eloquence has suddenly become a way of branding to most of these women; they feel speaking with accent would make people think they are wealthy and classy. Nigerian women should stop doing this and embrace a hardworking lifestyle.


4. Believing they could only become rich by marrying a wealthy man


Many women in Nigeria would rather spend their money on creams and beauty products in order to attract men who would change their status in life.

Most women in Nigeria want men who are already made; men whose wealth could change their living standards. They no longer believe in humble beginnings and would rather choose a wealthy man over the struggling young men asking them out. Nigerian women should focus on getting a life and stop using men as financial ladders.

5. Taking friends along when going on a date


Nigerian ladies could be greedy at times. They would rather go with a group of girls when they have dates. When they do this, they basically want to spend the man’s money. They order all sorts of foods they cannot afford on a normal day and expect the poor and innocent men who take them out on dates to foot the bills.

It is good that some of the men are starting to know this and avoid footing crazy bills. Women should not wait till they get embarrassed before they develop the right attitude.

6. Trying to impress people

Many Nigerian women spend a fortune on their clothes, makeup and accessories. They believe this is the only way they get to ‘rep’ in the society. It is quite laughable knowing some of these women do these things in order to impress people.

Most times, their bank accounts are always blinking red. There is no point trying to impress anyone; everyone is running a different race.


7.When they air all of their issues on social media


Some Nigerian women totally lack self-control; many of them cannot help putting up every of their life achievement on social medias. When they are heart broken, everyone gets to know, when they want to go to the market, they would put it up.

These things make them look vain and should be stopped. Putting your personal affairs on social media is not ideal. Please stop flooding people’s timelines with your problems.





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