6 Positions for Couples With a Height Difference

If you are dating a short girl or guy, you know the concerns. You have to struggle for the perfect hug. You might want to feel her [email protected] on your chest but your belly gets to do it. There is a lot of struggle in bed too with regular [email protected]:’ positions.

It takes a while till you can find what works for both of you. So if you have a major height difference, here are some [email protected]:’ positions you can try:

Cow girl: Whether the man is tall or the woman, this is one position you can’t go wrong with. The penetration is perfect and you can touch each other wherever you wish to without the height barrier.

Sideways 69: While a regular 69 isn’t possible if the height difference is too much, you can adjust yourself for a sideways 69. It’s similar to spooning but you are facing each other. The taller person can adjust and bend a little at the waist for complete access. Have you tried the 77 [email protected]:’ position?

[email protected]:’ on the chair: While making out against the wall may not be an easy task unless the man can lift and hold you in that position till climax, you can try sitting on the chair. The chair can be used for a variation of cowgirl or missionary.

Doggy style: If the woman is shorter, you can place some pillows under the knees to lift your B.utt to your partner’s level.

If the woman is taller, she can bend her B.utt and bring it closer to her calves or the man can use pillows for elevation.

Spooning: This is another ideal position for couples with a height difference. The taller one has to just align themselves a bit like side 69 to fit together. Once you get that, there’s no stopping.

The V on the table: If the man is tall, choose a tall table to rest on. Your legs can be placed on his shoulders to form a V while he penetrates. This position provides great grip and your man can even stroke your clit and move his hands around your bre@.$ts


Source: The Health Site

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