6 ‘Horrible’ Mistakes You’re Making When Washing Your Private Part (Must Read)

Did you know there’s a correct way to clean your V@g!n@?

Not many women know how to take good care of their V@g!n@ and they end up cleaning it the wrong way, causing more harm than good.

Having the right knowledge about V@g!n@l hygiene is very important as misguided information on how to clean your V@g!n@ could leave you with a full-on yeast infection.

Just like any part of the body, your V@g!n@ needs to be taken care of and your V@g!n@l health should be on your priority list.

Are you doing too much or maybe too little for your V@g!n@?

You are probably cleaning your V@g!n@ the wrong way and here’s how.


1. Washing with scented soaps: You would do yourself more good by keeping that scented body wash far away from your V@g!n@. It’s fine to wash your V@g!n@ with soap but make sure it’s unscented. Scented soaps can mess up the normal, healthy balance of the V@g!n@. Don’t try to change the smell as your V@g!n@ was not to made to smell like vanilla. It is advisable to just wash with your hand and water only.



2. Washing with sponge: The skin down there is thin and sensitive, so washing with sponge could cause more harm. Just use your hands, be gentle and handle with care.


3. Using scented V@g!n@l wipes and V@g!n@l deodorants: Sometimes, you might want to help your V@g!n@ smell nice by using deodorants but, you shouldn’t. Some baby wipes and feminine hygiene wipes could lead to irritation.


4. Douching: Avoid douching as all it does is mess with the natural pH balance of your V@g!n@. It flushes out the good bacteria that maintain your V@g!n@l health. Your V@g!n@ can clean itself and doesn’t need the extra help of douching.


5. Wiping from back to front: You should always wipe from front to back.The bacteria in your V@g!n@ and b*tt differ and you would not want to get b*tt bacteria in your V@g!n@. Wiping from back to front drags the bacteria in the b*tt to the V@g!n@ and it can cause an infection.

6. Using portable shower heads to shoot water directly on it: Doing this, flushes out all the good bacteria and it could do more harm than good.


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