6 Best Places to Have S3x in Public and Perfect Positions For Each Location

If you have always wanted to have have passionate s*x in a public place with your lover, this is what you need to read this moment.

If you fancy yourself a bit of an exhibitionist, here’s how to get it on in public without getting caught.
Having s*x in public has long been associated with exhibitionism and swingers, but it’s actually a very common $exual desire for women.
According to the Journal of $exual Medicine, a group of researchers questioned 799 women aged 20 to 40 about their $exual fantasies.
Three of the top 12 fantasies for women included having $ex in public with 81.7% of the women surveyed stating they have fantasised having $ex in an unusual place – i.e. in the office or in public toilets.
Furthermore, 84.9% of women said they would like to have $ex on a deserted beach and 57.3% say they would like to make love openly in a public place.
Public $ex is also high on a man’s fantasy list. Results from the same study show 82.3% of men want to have $ex in an unusual place, 78.4% on a deserted beach and 66.1% want to have $ex openly in a public place.
While the excitement of having $ex in a public place is palpable, it is important to note that you can be arrested for public indecency if you are caught.
With this in mind, here are six public places to have $ex:


1. At the gym
If you happen to be visiting the gym during off-peak hours, take advantage of the empty changing rooms and work up a sweat of a different kind.
“To get physical in the changing rooms, get him to hoist you up so your back is against his chest, your legs hooked around his waist,” $exologist Nikki Goldstein told Women’s Health.
“Push your arms against the wall in front of you for extra support and get him to thrust up using his quads.”


2. In a park
If you are going for a lovely Sunday stroll and just can’t control your urges, find a secluded area of the park and do the UK’s favourite position: doggy. This way you can remove the least amount of clothing as possible – just be sure to keep a watch out for nosy dogs and their owners.


3. In a toilet cubicle
If you’re not one to touch anything in a toilet cubicle in general then this may not be the one for you, but the trick is to be quick and to touch as little as possible.
“With your leg up on the seat, get him to thrust up into you. Lifting your leg in this way allows him to go deep, and lets you control his pace with your glutes and inner thighs,” Nikki said.


4. In a taxi
This is a tricky one and you have to be subtle about it. Lift up your dress, undo his trousers and slyly slide onto his lap facing forward.
“If you use the natural movement of the car, you might actually get away with it,” Nikki said. “Gently lean forward and rock back and forth to deepen the action and stimulate your clitoris at the same time.”


5. On a beach
Similar to the park situation, it’s best to make sure the beach is more or less deserted before attempting any action here. Unless there is a secluded part of the beach then make your way there.
Alternatively, if it’s warm enough you can head into the water and get it on while feeling weightless. Wrap your legs around him and let the waves move you in motion.


6. On a desk
If you and your partner get bored at your end-of-year Christmas party, sneak back into the office and lie face up on your desk with your legs straight up.
“Wedge his jacket underneath your pelvis to deepen the angle and dR@pe your legs over his shoulders while you hold on to the desk,” Nikki told Women’s Health.
Make sure to check out the CCTV situation first, or you might have an awkward conversation with your boss come Monday.



– Via Daily Star

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