50 Cent Punches Female Fan at Concert, Invites Her Onstage to Twerk

April 8th during The LOX‘s Filthy America…It’s Beautiful tour in Baltimore, Maryland, 50 Cent was pulled off stage by an overexcited female fan. Without thinking, he reacted violently and threw a punch in her direction that connected with her chest. TMZ obtained footage of the incident, but it looks like nothing will come of it.


After 50 Cent realized his mistake, he invited the woman on stage and she began to Tw@rk to the sounds of Uncle Murda performing his single “THOT“. Yep, she took a punch from 50 Cent, pretended it never happened and proceeded to shake her ass live on stage. Only in Filthy America…It’s Beautiful.

50 Cent can be seen in the clip whispering in the woman’s ear. It’s likely that he apologized.

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