5 Things You Shouldn’t Tell Your Friends About Your Relationship

We know that the girl code says no secrets but you should also understand that there are certain things about your relationship you should keep to yourself and not discuss with friends no matter what as those little tiny bit of advises they will give might have a negative impact on your relationship at the end of the day.

Below are 5 things every woman shouldn’t tell her friends about her relationship.

Quality of s3x: “Never ever tell your friends about the quality of s3x you get from your man, it’s never okay and it could cause problems for you; if you tell your friends how good your man is, they might want to have a piece of him and if you tell them how bad he is, they might mock him so play safe, avoid discussing the quality of $ex you get with your friends”.

His nasty habits: “Maybe you find his nasty habits annoying but discussing it with friends doesn’t solve the problem but you instead embarrass your man among your friends; help him overcome the nasty habit instead of announcing it to the world”.


His error: “Never discuss his errors and past mistakes with friends, do you really think your man would be okay with it if he finds out? if you want your friends to value and respect your man, don’t discuss his errors with your friends”.

Argument: “When you have a misunderstanding with your man, work it out together, it is your relationship and not a public relationship where every friend has to know about every argument you have with your man; discussing your misunderstandings with your friends would make them have less respect for your man as they only get to hear your side of the story”.

His poor finances: “Some women share this information with friends and it’s really wrong, discussing his poor financial state with your friends makes him look incompetent”.

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