5 Must-Do If You Are Visiting Uyo For The First Time

Uyo, the capital city of Akwa Ibom state, one of the most vibrant and prominent states in southern Nigeria, beckons travelers from all around the country. With the long list of things to do in this dynamic cosmopolis, it can be a mind boggling experience for the first-time visitor.

Jumia Travel, however, is here with a guide on the 5 unique things to do in the city, enabling you create great memories to share with friends and family at home.



Take a snapshot of the Guinness World Record Certificate

If you are visiting Uyo by air, you are bound to enter the city via the local airport. On your way out, you will notice a Guinness World Record Certificate, mounted just at the exit of the Airport, on the express road on the way to Uyo town. Your first order of business should be to take a snapshot of this certificate as it was earned by the state following the hosting of a grand Christmas Carol ceremony organized by the State government where the largest mass choir ever recorded in the world with over 25,000 choristers seated at once sang Christmas melodies.


Eat Afang Soup at a Papaput

Mamaputs are more recognized around the country as a local restaurant where people can buy food at affordable rates. The name was coined from the phrase “mama put”, as such local joints were usually run by women.

In Uyo, the mamaputs have a unique competitor, Papaput, run by a man with a mission is to feed the whole of Akwa Ibom State at affordable prices. There are 3 Papaputspots, so you just need to track down one. The most popular is located at K67, Kline Ewet housing Estate, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. Visit and enjoy a meal of Afang soup, the city’s favorite local delicacy with ample serving per plate. You can also get jug of palm wine for N150 and a very large and rich plate of food for N500.


Haggle and score a bargain at the Itam International Market

For a unique shopping experience, venture out to Uyo’s lively local market, Itam International Market. Very popular around the region, you can literally find and buy almost anything and everything here. It is a popular favourite for cheap clothes, watches, and everyday items. The market lives up to its name as most exporters have found the market a good place to buy essential export products to generate foreign exchange. Do not be shy about haggling to negotiate a bargain when you visit, it is all part of the experience.


Take a walking tour

This is not the usual for visitors to the city, but taking a fuel-efficient stroll around town allows you to cherish Uyo’s urban heritage; the city’s top sights and most beautiful structures. Be sure to go with a tour guide or local companion so you do not get lost.


Party It Up at Magnum lounge

In Uyo, the locals tend to believe the idea that, all work and no play makes you eternally dull. The have several recreation centers, lounges and nightclubs for partying. There is no better place to do the latter than at Magnum lounge, one of the city’s most vibrant night clubs and where you will find the trendiest of the locals.


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