4 Reasons Why Artistes Need A PR (Public Relations) Team

4 Reasons
4 Reasons


The music industry is one of the most competitive industry there is today. Every hour and every minute, a new act emerges who in no time might become the toast of millions.

Now, there are several other acts, who have been in the game for a while but are yet to reach the pinnacle of their success. These acts may be the ones with the powerful vocals, energetic stage performances, awesome fashion sense and what not, still they remain at the very threshold they started a couple of years back, struggling to leave.

There are also a few others, relatively new in the game, who have gone on to achieve great success that has somewhat left many mouths ajar as to how they were able to achieve such great success in no time. How did they achieve this?Through great PR.

A PR agent can make or break you (Topic for another day) but first lets define what PR is. According to Wikipedia, ‘PR is the strategic communication processes that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their public.’ PR majorly enhances your image to the world.

Here are 4 reasons why you need a PR Team immediately;

1. Marketing: You have a brand, now its their duty to sell that brand to the world. This they do in several ways, they organize events which portrays you in positive light, they ensure your album release party goes as planned and has all the right people there, overall, they market you to the world.

2. They analyse your competition: Yes, like I earlier mentioned the music industry is very competitive, so the best way to forge ahead in such industry is know what you are up against. With a R team, your competition is analysed and provides suggestions as to the way forward, in simple term, they are your big thinkers.

3. They handle all your releases: So you have been in the news for a certain bad issue or you just have been nominated for an award, your PR Team handles all press releases( Which today are so badly written some PR actually do a biography instead of press release) speeches, blog contents, inquiries etc.

4. Total Media Coverage: Yes, whatever brand you have chosen to uphold, your PR Team ensures that every aspect of media covers and carries this, this way they help create a rapport between you and your fan base or even people who are just starting to know and get interested in your sound.

Written by : Tope Delano

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