2023: Pastor Ibiyeomie Reveals Categories Of Candidates Who Will Not Perform Well

Ahead of the 2023 general elections, Pastor David Ibiyeomie of Salvation Ministry has declared that candidates who believe in buying votes will not do well if elected.

Advising members of the church against receiving money from politicians to vote them into power, the popular clergy opined that quality leaders don’t believe in buying votes.

The man of God likened electorates selling their votes to the biblical story of Esau who sold his birthright to his younger brother due to hunger.

He said, “If you collect money to vote, you are Esau. You are complete Esau, you sold your birthright. Don’t collect money, vote who your conscience tells you to vote.

“Poverty, don’t collect money. Okay, how much will somebody give you, when you eat today, won’t you eat tomorrow? Some of you are saying, ‘this man na him go give us money.’ If any man gives you money to vote him, he is not going to perform”.


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