See The Security Measure Deployed To Foil Terrorists Flying Bombs Ahead Of The World Cup

Russia will deploy pioneering military technology to prevent terrorists using drones to drop bombs on World Cup stadiums. The equipment, pictured here for the first time, has been war-tested in Ukraine and Syria.

Drones are an effective way of landing explosives on targets, warned anti-terror chiefs.

Leaving nothing to chance, the FSB – Russia’s security service – has ordered dozens of no-flight zones around stadiums and training facilities at the World Cup, which kicks off next month.

Army chief Valery Gerasimov has issued orders to set up jamming stations outside the 12 stadiums that would make remotely operating a drone impossible.

These include Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod and Kainingrad, where England play group matches.

The FSB is also deploying equipment at key World Cup sites amid Vladimir Putin ’s determination that the football festival will not be ruined by a high profile terrorist attack.

All the anti-drone equipment is Russian-made specially designed for use by the army and secret services.

Some hi-tech equipment will prevent interference with law enforcement drones.

Military sources say the deployment will include R-330P Zhitel, Svet-KU, R-934BMV Sinitsa, and Silok complexes, reported RBK news outlet.

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