10 Tips On How To Avoid Cheat!ng Spouse

As we all know Cheat!ng on does not just happen by random magic, almost all infidelity is preceded by decisions demonstrating poor boundaries around the marriage and the relationship between the spouses.

These boundaries are critically important in protecting a marriage from destructive external influences including infidelity. Whether you’re trying to reestablish trust after Cheat!ng on your spouse, or you want to avoid having one in the first place, the following tips will help put the proper precautions in place to protect your spouse, your children, your marriage and even you from the tragic consequences of an affair.

10 Tips On How To Avoid Cheat!ng Spouse

1. Avoid Fantasis About Romance And $ex With Other People Besides Your Spouse

Remember that infidelity starts with your ability to redirect your thoughts long before you have a need to control your body. Thoughts are the seeds of infidelity planted in your marriage.

When you entertain the idea of Cheat!ng in your mind and allow yourself to be excited or aroused by the prospect, you have taken the first of many steps toward betraying and harming your spouse. Thought processes become patterns. If you don’t consciously practice thought patterns that protect your marriage, then destructive patterns will take hold instead.

2. Avoid Drinking Alcohol With Coworkers Or Strangers Of The Opposite $ex

Yes alcohol or other recreational drugs lowers inhibitions, thereby creating a much greater risk of crossing marital boundaries.  So avoid going to relaxation centers without your spouse where alcohol and interaction with single people is encouraged, like bars, parties or gatherings after work hours.

3. Do not flirt

Flirting is always $exual. Flirting is for the sole communication of your attraction to another person and should be reserved for your spouse. Each time you flirt with another person, you have taken another step towards infidelity.

When someone flirts with you, discourage it and avoid that person because it is their intent to fill your need for admiration and encourage you to cheat on your spouse. Note that all affairs begin with flirting, and there is no such thing as innocent flirtation.

4. Assume you will get caught

Eventually almost everyone gets caught, and the pain and suffering it will cause your family is not worth the temporary ego boosting and pleasure.

If you believe upfront that discovery is imminent, it will help you to resist the temptation. The smartest cheaters trip themselves up somewhere and give themselves away. The truth has a way of finding its way to the top, and has toppled some of the most powerful people in the world.

5. Avoid Touching

Touch is a very powerful human interaction, and casual contact is often used as a form of flirting to create $exual tension as well as communicate attraction.

Hugs and kisses should be reserved for your spouse only, not wasted on casual greetings easily misunderstood. Resting your hand on a shoulder or forearm, holding a hand a little longer than necessary, massaging a neck, even patting someone’s back can all be an effort to subtly excite or arouse.

6. Avoid Consistency In Opposite $ex Conversations

If your conversations are developing a theme, favorite topic or inside jokes especially those you don’t share with your spouse, then your communication is becoming more intimate and likely to fulfill needs your spouse should fill.

Intimacy always begins with communication and increases with familiarity and comfort in communication. Don’t allow yourself to have a special friend at work or in your neighborhood, especially one that you’d rather keep to yourself or need to keep secret from your spouse. Most workplace affairs begin with people who started out as just friends. By nature, friendship is intimate, but opposite $ex friendships can quickly move into the kind of intimacy that destroys marriages and families.

7. Surround Yourself With People Of Like Minds

As much as possible, surround yourself with happily married couples that are friends of your marriage and support your relationship.

Avoid friendships with people who are cheaters, enable Cheat!ng, or encourage you to cheat. The friends you want in your life are the ones who will support you in the most ethical and empowering parts of your life.

8. Show Commitment To Your Spouse Daily

Doing special things for your spouse reminds you of what they mean to you. Leave a sweet note. Call them and connect throughout your day. Make a date to take them somewhere. Think of new things to do together.

Focus on the special things your spouse does for you instead of the little things others do to tempt you to cheat. Checking in with your spouse while you’re with other people demonstrates that you value your marriage. Spend as much recreational time with your spouse as possible, and no recreational time with other members of the opposite $ex. When you share your most enjoyable activities with other people, you put your marriage at risk and rob your spouse of the enjoyment you deserve together.

9. Wear Your Wedding Ring At All Times

Many people won’t honor that symbol of your marital status, but it is a reminder to you not them of your covenant with your spouse.

10. Open Your Life To Your Spouse

Let your spouse into all areas of your life, both figuratively and literally. If your spouse has access to all parts of your life, including your phone, computer and finances, it’s much harder to hide an affair.

Affairs need secrecy, so the more transparent you are, the lower the risk for infidelity. Give your spouse the passwords and security codes because keeping it from them could make you hide risky behavior or affairs.

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