My Yahoo-Boy Boyfriend Tied Me Up & Escaped – Rescued Lady Opens Up

More revelations from the discovery of a hotel in Lagos where Petrol is siphoned from underground…

A young lady picked up in one of the rooms in the hotel, 20yrs old Oluwaseun Oguntoyin, said she was brought to the hotel by her boyfriend, Bayo, who’s an Internet fraudster, who, according to her, tied her up together with his friends when she was sleeping. They fled when security arrived.

What did the Yahoo-boy boyfriend planned to do to her?

She said it was the first time Bayo would take her to the hotel, adding that she knew nothing about the crimes being perpetrated there.

She said: “It was the navy people that freed me from the bondage. My boyfriend Bayo and three of his friends tied me up. I didn’t know when they tied me.

“He told me he wanted to go and use the ATM and that he would be back. I didn’t eat nor drink anything. I only slept. But when I woke up and wanted to open the door, I discovered that I was tied.

“They also told the receptionist to not allow me run. I know them that my boyfriend usually came here but yesterday was the first time he brought me. I have known him for three years now.”

A tanker driver arrested in the hotel, Teller, claimed it was greed that lured him to the scene, adding that his friend, Muri White offered him N500,000 to use his truck to load siphoned petrol.

He said he couldn’t reject the offer, giving that marketers usually hired the truck for N150,000 and he had to stay in a long queue at the depot.

The receptionist, Gladys, said she was hired a month ago, and the manager instructed her to never take money from Inspector Rabiu of room 208 and the other policeman who occupied room 209.

She said the only suspicious thing she noticed was that Marijuana smoking men usually came to the premises for meetings. Most of the lodgers usually came in the night, adding that they came with jerry cans of petrol, which the security man at the hotel offloaded.

She said Insp. Rabiu usually sat with the Marijuana smokers during their meetings but only drank.

Oludara said when they complained to the manager about the strange and unacceptable behaviour of some of the guests, they were asked to mind their own business.

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