Vector Condemns Report Which States 11 Year Old Nigerian Girls Are Allowed To Engage In Sexual Activities


Nigerian sensational rapper has reacted to reports that the age of consent in Nigeria is 11 years. 

According to Google, as posted by a twitter user,  the age of consent in Nigeria is 11 years old which means that an eleven-year-old girl is allowed to have sex. The disturbing news got Nigerians talking and  Vector who has a little daughter is disgusted about the information. The rapper wondered who in their right mind would want to have sex with an infant.

He added that the minister of information doesn’t even know that 11-year-old children can engage in sexual activities in the country. He wrote: ” I’m so confused how a grown man will want an infant. Well, the minister for information doesn’t know The information to the world on google is that 11yr old girls can have sex in Nigeria. Soon we will speak about the tradition up north too. #Nopeace”

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