This Is How The Story Goes (My Humble Beginning) – Oba Wonder


It all started in Lagos! On the streets of Ajegunle,  Alayabiagba to be precise.

I grew up on the street as an orphan at the age of sixteen.

Growing up in one of the toughest part in Ajegunle is more like a war zone. Either it destroys you or help you find yourself, It’s either it defines or defiles you.

Growing up as a male child in Ajegunle, it’s either you get lost as a thug or it helps you find your way. But for me, Growing up in that part was actually more of a BLESSING than a curse.

Right now, there are so many mistakes I can’t make again as my experience in the hood has taught to become a better man that I am today

I really don’t want to go into details of my upbringing cause the journey is still on. So this is just the preview episode on “The Story Of a Graced Man”

Things were not always right in the hood where i came from, we sleep in fear of unexpected incidence and at a point i got tired of the life we were living so I prayed that God guide my path out of the ghetto. And of course he did! He met with all i desired even when I lest expected.

And in all I have learnt to be patient, I have learnt to understand that people’s destinies are different, I have also learnt to understand that not everybody will appreciate your style, not everybody will understand where you are coming from. All you need as a person is focus.

Stay focus, and don’t get distracted. Don’t follow any trend that does not align with you goal. If you have a style, stick to it, be consistent and you will definitely get to there.


Who thought a local boy like me will one day sit with Kings? Whoever thought a rejected stone will one day be celebrated…

I have dreams bigger than me and If I seem over-ambitious, don’t blame me..

I’ve gone days without food and without knowing where my next meal will come from.. But still I held on to my dreams.

Where I am today has nothing to do with Hardwork, Intelligence or qualification because am not qualified… But God’s Grace and Mercy in all.

And with this I say a big “THANK YOU” to everyone who have loved and supported me so far, for all those who have supported the brand and help write the success story, I say GOD BLESS YOU!!


As for, Get your cheques ready… Keep your eyes glued to your TV and mobile devices. Because “our money dey una bank account.” Something excitingly massive will hit you soonest. “Trust me the revolution will be televised and e go clear pass 7D”


Happy Birthday To My Humbly Self “Oba Oriyomi Wonder” A.k.a #AfrikanJustineBieber


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    1. DTL

      April 6, 2018 at 12:48 pm

      We thank God for life bro.

    2. Ceegenius

      April 6, 2018 at 5:00 pm

      Happy Birthday Oba Wonder!! May God bless your new age!!

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