Tears as Young Lagos Banker Who is the Only Son of a Widow Dies During Fracas in Anambra (Photos)

Tears and sadness have taken over an Anambra State community after a man full of life and promise, perished in a fracas.
Kene Ambrose Nwokolo is the only son of a widow, Mrs Enu Nwokolo who died after he was hit by some men during an ‘avoidable’ fracas in Anambra State on December 27th.
According to his friend, Tobenna Obiano, he fell on the tarred road by the edge of a water way and bled profusely.
He was rushed to Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, Nnewi where he passed away. Kene, until his death was working with a new generation bank in Lagos. He will be laid to rest on January 21.
Below is a tribute and details surrounding his death posted by Tobenna Obiano:
“Life abroad keeps you often away from family, friends and associates, yet there are persons who you may not completely do away with. Persons who are indispensable, Kene is one young man too many.

“En route Nigeria through London, I spoke with Ambrose and he was in high spirit. He had always been a jolly good fellow, doing his things in his own quiet way yet making waves. You may mistake him for a weakly, but he is strongwilled and positive minded as the word. Hardwork is only but a part of him.

“The Ambrose I know is humble, humane, sound, seasoned, polished, fine and refined. He is a model as far as been quintessential is concerned. He is respectful, obedient and never ever looks for anyone’s trouble.

“He was my junior at Infant Jesus Nursery Primary School, Awka. Also at Tansi International College, Awka. He later left for further studies abroad where he finished his Bachelors as well as Masters degrees. On his return, he hanged on for a while in Awka, the city where he was born, breed and brought up before heading to Lagos where he worked and lived.

“Ambrose was working with a new generation bank and I tell you what, from a very reliable source who is a top management of the bank, I learnt that he was to be amongst the hopefuls for a super Nigerian banking sector. He was too good that his bank management were willing to send him on virtually all courses or training, as well as speed up his promotion. He was to be a renowned banker and yes, he was ready for the multitasking demands of the Nigerian banking sector and the hurdles to succeed in same.

“When I arrived Lagos this Christmas, I and Ambrose were supposed to hang out, but due to want of time, it didn’t hold. His close friend Kenechukwu Mbakigwe was available and on hand with a couple of friends to host me in Lagos.

“I left Lagos on 23rd December for my home town of Nibo while Ambrose was headed home for Christmas on the 24th.

“My breaking point coupled with rude shock was when my brother and friend, Onyedibe Arthur called to break a bad news, worse of the year almost at year end to me, “Ambrose Kene Nwokolo is dead”. On reception of the news, my phone almost fell down. Ambrose can’t be dead. I spoke with him, I did chat with him and we are supposed to see this Christmas and even in the New Year. What the heck is this guy talking about?

“It later turned out to be true that Kene, a non violent only son with a sole sister both of a very hardworking widow is dead!

“Ambrose demise was due to the carelessness of some nonentities who choose violence, abuse and attack in the face of a seemingly fine gentleman and towards an avoidable fracas. Ambrose was peaceful but the nincompoops weren’t. He was hit, he fell to the tarred road by the edge of a water way and Kene bled profusely. He was rushed to Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, Nnewi where things went out of control. It led to a sad ending.

“I have put a call across to his close friend KC only to find out that he then wasn’t aware. What a sad news it later was to him. I also choose not to bother calling his other close friend, Kingsley Ellis Jnr Idemobi, because we all are mourning and are heartbroken.

“Many people have given instances about persons who might or really were involved in Kene’s type of accident, almost died but near miraculously survived. I mean, why didn’t this miracle not happen with Kene? Why not with him. It would have been a great news for us all, had he survived nomatter the intensity of whatsoever. Death is indeed a sad and terrible ending.

“Now, I returned home for Christmas. I have been thus far having fun and enjoying a reunion with family, friends, associates attending events and sort. The news of the sudden death of Ambrose broke my protocol and I had to shut down many activities I had planned, including attending a wedding of a former schoolmate and friend who his wedding fell in, exactly on the day I received the news of Ambrose death. Mr. Nandi Nnaemeka Donatus, would now understand my absence.
“I pray God to grant Kene’s only sister, and their mum, Mrs. Enu Nwokolo, and indeed the entire Nwokolo family the fortitude to bear the irreparable and irreplaceable loss, Amen.

“This is way to cut the joys of Christmas short. And we are all involved in this. Peace perfect peace unto him and the light of God shine upon him.
May the Lord repose Kene’s soul in his bossom, Amen.

“Goodnight my friend and soul brother!”

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