Sponsored Post: Top 5 Best Selling Vehicles Of 2016

Top 5 Best Selling Vehicles Of 2016

There are hundreds of new vehicle models released every year, but only a small part of them
achieve recognition and financial success. Vehicles become popular for various reasons:
some are appreciated for their fuel economy, others offer a brand new level of convenience,
and some vehicles are an all-around engaging ride. Find out which vehicles gained the most
attention last year and buy your new vehicle on Jiji ( https://jiji.ng/vehicles ) to experience safe
and money-saving shopping.

5. Nissan Qashqai
The inclusion of Nissan Qashqai into the bestselling list will hardly surprise anyone, since

this model has been popular from the start. Although, there are similarly priced and built
models that can potentially steal the Qashqai’s thunder this year, it still has a loyal customer

base who value its unique appearance, expertly designed and comfortable interior, and a

powerful engine that delivers remarkable performance.

4. Mercedes-Benz C Class
The C Class is a truly premium model that has reached a surprising level of public appeal
given its price, which is far from affordable. The Mercedes-Benz C Class is a very common
model among business owners and politicians, although regular drivers also love their C
Class for the refined interior, beautiful design, and the famous Mercedes built quality paired
with outstanding mechanics.

3. Ford Focus
The Ford Focus instantly became popular upon its release in 1999, and hasn’t lost a bit of its
popularity ever since. Aimed at family buyers, the Focus has a lot to offer: the attractive
appearance makes it a worthy competitor to the more expensive models on the market, while
the great driving qualities and the exceptionally reliable build, which helped the Focus
achieve its iconic status.

2. Volkswagen Golf
Over the years Volkswagen has built a reputation for producing practical, dependable, and
high-performance city vehicles, and the Golf is one of the brand’s most beloved models. In
2016, the Volkswagen Golf, a fuel-efficient and versatile vehicle, continued to remain a
public favorite, and this year the situation is unlikely to change.

1. Toyota Corolla
Any list of best selling vehicles wouldn’t be complete without at least one Toyota, and in
2016 Toyota Corolla had the honour of being a top selling vehicle. The reasons for the
Corolla’s immense popularity are well known to every automotive fan – it’s fast, it’s reliable,
it’s fuel efficient, and it can last you for ages.

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