She Deserve A Pad (A Must Read)

She Deserve A Pad
Girls of secondary school ages in my country fall between the age bracket of 11 to 16 years  years are very critical as they are the years of puberty, where notable changes begin to take place in their bodies, primarily. One of these major changes is the monthly blood flow otherwise known as menstruation.
A recent survey I took which was prompted by a very heart-rending occurrence I witnessed in late February this year, had stirred up a need for this campaign. I had witnessed a very sordid sight were a young girl I call IVIE(not her real name) had alighted from a commercial bus @ about 7am in the morning,  going to school, only for the piece of clothe she had used for her flow to drop off in the full glare of people at the bus stop and other passers-by. I witnessed her shame and this shame I now find is the stark reality of one in four girls in Public Schools in Nigeria. These schools are predominantly attended by indigent children who oftentimes their parents cannot afford pads for.
It prompt me into this campaign which am ready with God on my side to carry out successful every 3months starting July 2018 with the hashtag #padagirlchild #donateapad
Help spread and hashtag it.
We are considering donating 300 sanitary  towels across 3 public schools in Benin city,  Edo stare, Nigeria for a start.
The PAD – A- GIRL- CHILD Campaign says every girl deserves Protective Appropriate Dressing (P.A.D) every month.
The PAD – A – GIRL CHILD Campaign says sex is a choice, menstruation is not. If condoms are free, PADS should be free too!
The PAD- A – GIRL CHILD Campaign needs you!
Join the PAD – A – GIRL – CHILD Campaign by first spreading the hashtags #padagirlchildtoday #donateapad and #shedeserveapad all over social media until governments in Nigeria and other third world countries legislates that pads should be free for all girls of secondary school age.

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  1. Every Girl and woman alike truely deserves a better comfort and safety in dealing with her monthly natural visitor.

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