See Why Twitter Suspended Niger Delta Avengers’ Account

Niger Delta Avengers

One of the information spreading platforms of militant group, Niger Delta Avengers, has been crippled.

Niger Delta Avengers are responsible for the recent spate of attacks on pipeline installations in the Niger Delta region, blowing up five pipelines between Friday and Sunday.

However, the Twitter account with which the militant group announced the blowups has now been ‘blown up’.

The group usually disseminates updates on its activities through its website,, and its Twitter account, @NDAvengers.

As of Monday morning, the Twitter account of the Avengers had been suspended by the authorities of the micro-blogging platform.

A visitor who attempts to access the account gets the error message: “Account suspended. This account has been suspended. Learn more about why Twitter suspends accounts, or return to your timeline.”

This is not the first time that an information platform of the Avengers would be shut down.

In early June, the official website of the militant group – – was replaced by the error message: “404. That is an error. The requested URL was not found on their server. That’s all we know.”

Less than 24 hours after the website went down, the group launched a new one —, claiming that “our website was not shut down. It was under maintenance”.

However, the website supposedly under maintenance never came back up, as the militant group continued to spread its message on the newly created platform.

While the Twitter account is no longer accessible, the new website still remains live and fully operational.

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