See The Difference Between Sensual and Sexual


The contrast between the two is the same as the difference between F.ucking and making love.

Sensual relates to the senses and is about satisfying the appetite for visuals, sounds, tastes, smells, and touch, while sexual relates to sex, the scene of sex, and everything leading up to it.

Sexuality is physical, clear, a natural display. Sensuality is whole, consuming, and personal. Everyone is sexual in the same way: nudity, the stimulation of the organs, arousal, orgasm. The body follows the same process of release.

However, no two people are sensual in the same way. It’s not about how high the cheekbones sit, or how the person looks at you from under their lashes. It’s about how one modulates their voice … It’s in the soft touch. Being sexual is a state of mind and being sensual is a state of being.

Sensuality is the art of seduction that doesn’t need to lead to sex. While sexuality comes from a physical desire for sex, sensuality comes from a physical, emotional, spiritual desire for pleasure in everything. One can switch their sexual side on and off, but it doesn’t work like that with sensuality.

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