See the Shocking Marriage List a Young Man Who Wants to Marry Was Given (Photos)

A man who was horrified at the list he was given by his prospective in-laws before he can marry their daughter, has shared his shock.

Young Man
Young Man


The unnamed young man was highly displeased with the turn of events after he went to see his future parents-in-law in asking for the hand of their daughter in marriage.
He was handed a very lengthy list of items he had to buy before he can marry his intended bride.
However, according to him, he is now confused about what marriage is all about after seeing the list and all the things he had to buy.
The man who has refused to say which part of Nigeria the list is coming from, says he now feels that people are using marriage to commit day light robbery.
Below is the list of items he was given to buy:



The marriage has been put on hold indefinitely, according to the man, as he has nowhere to get money for the items.
He also revealed that even if he has, he would not dare put that much money out just to marry.
He claims that the most painful part is, after paying through his nose, the woman will still come to his house and be claiming gender equality with him.

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