See Why You Should Never Look Down On People Because Of Their Present Condition

Look Down

This true life story is a lesson that we should treat others with respect and not by the present condition because none is permanent. Kenyan-born maverick businessman -Steve Mbogo shared his encounter his former school friend who used to borrow from the so-called rich kids back in the days. The man was the pilot of the plane he boarded.

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Yesterday as I was traveling, I met a friend who used to borrow school shirts from the “rich kids” when we were in lower primary school. He once said in class that “problems have no roots”.As of now he was the pilot of the plane I did board.

This reminded me that,”Never look down on anyone because of their present situation.

Sometimes the people you look down on today will be the ones you look up to tomorrow.

When things are fine with you, don’t treat others like they are insignificant.

A person who is down today can climb up triumphantly over adversities tomorrow.
No one can predict the future… only God knows what tomorrow holds.”

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