See Gobe! Indian Groom Beaten By His First Wife As She Storms His Wedding (Photos)

An Indian groom was beaten up by his first wife after she barged into the wedding claiming they were not divorced. Vishal Kumar Sonu, 42, was punched in the face in the street outside the wedding venue by a woman claiming to be the mother of his 13-year-old son in a scene likened to a Bollywood movie.

The woman, identified as Rakhi, said the man could not marry the woman 18 years his junior because they were still legally married after tying the knot 14 years ago.


Dressed in his traditional wedding day shervani, Sonu was with guests at a restaurant when Rakhi barged in.

As she argued with him, the groom said he did not know her, which prompted the angry woman and her family to start assaulting him.


He said that he had divorced his first wife and that he had the papers to prove it, but as he tried to run away, the relatives chased him and the bride.

The altercation got so bad the restaurant owner decided to evacuate the building and police were eventually called who took both parties to the Sarabha Nagar station in Ludhiana.

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