How To Process Inter-University Transfer In Nigeria

Probably due to one problem or the other, tertiary institution students may wish to transfer to another school. Among the few reasons why a student may wish to transfer to another school are changes in security situations of the host school, transfer of parents who may be civil servants or military personnel to another state, personal challenges, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions on Inter University Transfer in Nigeria

Is it possible to transfer from one university to another?
Which schools accept inter university transfer?
How to apply for inter university transfer?
Is there any inter university transfer program in Nigeria?
Who can apply for inter school transfer?
We will be elaborating on the above questions below to guide prospective transfer students on how to apply for inter-school transfer from one university to another within Nigeria. It is worth noting that this procedure do not work outside Nigeria.

Checkpoints for Inter University Transfer

Make sure you have a good result (CGPA) in your former school, no school will accept a dull student.
You can only apply to programmes related (or same) as the one you are studying in your former school.
You must have good m0ral record in your former school and you must not have any record of involvement in secret societies.
You must have made all necessary inquiries from the accepting school before informing your former school/department that you are living.
Considering the security situations in Nigeria, make reasonable inquiry into your security in the new school you intend transferring to.
Consider weather, living conditions, academic standard of the school, culture, etc before applying.

Applying for Inter University Transfer in Nigeria

Before you start, we advise that you make necessary inquiries (in person, not through proxy) from the school you intend transferring to, only that way you will know the availability of space in the department you intend joining and be sure that they will accept you based on CGPA and otherwise.
If number (1) above is a success, then apply to your parent institution that you would like to withhold your admission for a transfer to another university. Your department will guide you through this process.

Proceed to submit application for inter university admission into the new school if (1) and (2) is satisfactory. Most schools like UNN, UNILORIN, etc have a specific time of the year when they accept transfer students. It is up to you to check when the forms are on sale. If you would like us to inform you, then indicate in comment below and we will have you covered. It’s a promise!

Please Note: Skipping number (1) above is dangerous! This is because if your request for inter University transfer is not granted by the receiving institution when your admission in parent school have already been withheld, you can only return to your former Institution as a New Student and not to continue as an undergraduate, regardless of your level before the transfer. It is important therefore to make sure you will be accepted before leaving!

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