Please Help! My Wife Wants To Kill Me With Sẹ́x

My name is Jude. I have been married to Martha for three years now but I am tired already because she will kill me one day with her crazy s*x appetite.

I married her four years after I divorced my first wife and mother of my four children due to irreconcilable differences.

While we were dating, I knew she loved s*x and I did my best to meet up her demands but once we got married and started living together, I knew I was in trouble because her appetite suddenly increased. The first sign of trouble was during our honeymoon when I took a two weeks leave from my office and took her to Ghana.There were days my wife would decide that we would not go out of the hotel and all we did was have s*x from morning until night. I was able to cope with her demands because I had nothing else to do but when we came back and I had to resume work, it became a problem for me. My wife would want us to have s*x about three times every night and if I failed to live up to her expectation, she would make my life miserable. On some days, she would lock the bedroom door and hide the key untill I made love to her before leaving for work. She does not care if I get sacked or suspended from work for going late, as long as I satisfy her.

I am getting so tired of the whole thing especially after she threatened to get $exual satisfaction outside if I failed to meet to her $exual appetite. How do I handle this s*x bomb I have on my hands?

Please help me.

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