Photos: Robbery Suspect Arrested After Being Warned By His Wife

The decoy Team of Rapid Response Squad of the Lagos State Police Command arrested a Robbery suspect, Augustine Uchenna a.k.a Pally–Young or P–Young, a member of a 10 man gang, last week alongside members of his gang.

The father of 7, an erstwhile “Danfo” driver was reportedly lured into robbery by the gang’s leader, Isima, alias Cmans, himself, a danfo driver.

He was arrested alongside two members upon his first robbery operation in Ayobo, after their plan to hide in an uncompleted building before heading to their target went sour.

They were met by a guard who subjected them to rigorous questioning, which made them them to run for cover. He reportedly spent 13 months behind bars, as it was gathered that only Isima escaped.

P–Young who was warned never to return to robbery by his wife upon regaining freedom, was invited by other gang members to Isima’s residence where they hosted him.

Thereafter, the gang regrouped and planned another operation in Ayobo again. Isima did the survey of where they were to strike.

On the D–day, they entered the street but the vigilante, sighted them. They were chased. While they ran helter-skelter, P-Young, saw a church having a vigil, he entered it and was with them till morning.

According to P–Young, that very night, he made up his mind never to follow the gang on operations again. That was the second unsuccessful operation of P–Young with the gang.

Sensing P – Young was bringing his ill–luck to the gang, they connived to leave him out of subsequent operations.

Since February, 2017 when they stopped inviting him to operations, the rest of the gang had a field day in Ipaja and Ayobo axis robbing residents and taking away their property and cars.

Recently, the team was arrested by the Decoy Team of Rapid Response Squad, Lagos. Listed in the past exploits of the gang is P-Young.

He is helping the police to shed more light on what he knows about the gang.

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