Nigerian doctor shares very touching story of a malnourished girl in Calabar

A doctor based in Calabar has brought the general public’s attention to the plight of a starving baby who was born by a teenage single mother.

According to a post shared by one Dr Betta on her Instagram page, she ran into a teenager who had a baby outside wedlock and is struggling to raise her child.

The baby however was practically starving to death, as her mother identified as Esther, could barely take herself not to talk of handling a baby.

See what Dr Betta wrote below:

“Life is so unfair!!!! How can I sleep tonight? Where do I honestly start from? Here is Esther a girl who was sent to live with a distant relation at Eket as a house maid; She just finished primary 6 when she got pregnant for Victor her so called lover who she refuses to identify. Of course the family hosting her, sent her away with the pregnancy.

Back home, her grandparents, who she lived with initially, won’t even take her in because the claimed the didn’t send her to Eket to get pregnant. Her mother who is now on the run, brought Esther to her friends house at eight miles and left her there.
Nigerian doctor shares very touching story of a malnourished girl in Calabar

Esther who is but a child herself, gives birth to another child. This child now is severely malnourished, highly irritable, lacks any form of care and is waiting on death. Esther is out of school and does nothing. Everyone is at the mercy of her mother’s friend. Esther is a young helpless teenager who deserves a chance at quality education and a good life.

The state nutrition officer and I took child and mother to General Hospital Calabar (pediatrics ward) where the child is presently on admission as aided by the Medical Superintendent Dr Aye. We thank general hospital for supporting us by admitting, assessing and treating this baby.

My sleeplessness comes from the sad knowledge that this child is at the most critical stage of brain development…how would she meet up?…when they are discharged… Where to? How can we get them out of present environment and get Esther back to school?

I call on everyone to stop by and do their little bit to keep this child Alive, while we work together to send Esther back to school!!! Dr Betta Edu. DG CRSPHCDA”

Sad! So sad!!!

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