Meet The Family Who Sold Their Luxury Home So They Can Feed Lions Lions And Tigers (Photos)

A South African family are living in an isolated trailer – so they can provide their tigers and lions a home. The Fernandes family once owned the luxurious Jugomaro Predator Park, which was home for their pet tigers and lions for seven years. The beautiful enclosures and fields the size of football pitches meant their beloved big cats had a five-star complex and were even allowed to go inside the family house.

But sadly, in November 2015, the luxurious retreat was demolished when owner Rosa and her children, Justin and Maxine, ran into financial difficulties and the liquidators gained control of their home and dumped their possessions in a waste pile – leaving their six lions, 10 tigers, three caracals and one jaguar with no home.


This detrimental change of circumstance forced the distraught family to flee to a section of land on Novembver 06, 2016 in Krugersdorp, South Africa, where they are currently living in a trailer and have to wash and go to the toilet in the nearest bushes. But despite all of their loss, the trio put everything they have into their beloved pets that now live in smaller enclosures just 50 metres away from their trailer home.

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