Marry A Good Woman!! (A Must Read)


We always hear that women change when there is no money You are right but at the same time, wrong.
Right, in the sense that there are some devilish women who know nothing else than money and no matter how nice you are/were to them, they maltreat you once the money is gone.

Why did I say you are wrong? Because there are still many good women out there. When you see a very good woman being mean to her husband when in crisis, it’s possible you are looking at a woman whose husband never took care of when the going was good. Its also possible he took care of her but not without daily insults. It’s also possible you’re seeing a woman whose husband never let into his financial world. Again, it’s possible her husband failed, she became the provider, praying and hoping for him to rise only for her to realize that the man has given up. A woman is called to be a helpmate and not a provider. Her assuming that role of a provider is only temporal and trouble sets in when you want it to remain permanent. The 100% submission you want may not come.

1. Make sure your wife knows your worth and whatever you own. A male friend once told me that the only way he was able to curb his wife’s extravagant nature was to put her in charge of his account. Depending on the level of trust, let her be the administrator of your income as that will make her know what is actually going on in your life.

2. Take good care of your wife when it’s good for you and in taking care of her, never put it on her face.

If you don’t marry a good and godly woman, you are doomed for life. Nothing destroys a man like having a bad and ungodly wife she will help the devil bury you once she sees him digging your grave. But if you have a good woman, never take her for granted because every woman has the mean part of her.

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