Man Jailed For 24 Years For Intentionally Infecting 30 Women With HIV

Valentino Talluto, an HIV-positive Italian man on Friday bagged a 24-years jail sentence for delibrately infecting over 30 women with the virus by having unprotected $ex with them.

The 33-year-old accountant who discovered he was HIV positive in 2006, seduced dozens of women via social networks for a decade before his arrest in November 2015, as Police believe he had $ex with at least 53 women during that time, passing on the virus to 32 of them.

The male partners of three of the women subsequently contracted the potentially fatal illness, as did an eight-month-old infant of a fourth woman.

During the trial, some of the women who testified against him revealed how he wined and dined them persuading them to have unprotected $ex with him because he was allergic to condom. However when they discovered they had the virus, he claimed he had nothing to do with it.

Some of his victims were students, some mothers. The youngest was 14 at the beginning of their relationship, the oldest around 40. Each described the horrors of HIV, from the stigma which distanced even family members, to the trials of treatment.

Though he expressed regret for what had happened, but said he did not realize the consequences of his actions.
Daily Mirror reports that Prosecutors had urged the court to give him life in jail, saying he had provoked an HIV epidemic.The court rejected this, convicting him instead of ” grievous and incurable bodily harm “.

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