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Letter To Government Corona Virus – Damilola Odofin



Corona virus came from China
Any little sneeze or cough everyone will avoid
I’m not trying to be insensitive
Buh you know bcz of you we arent active
We sneeze or cough and run a test we become positive
Both old and young are not left out
Even our government are not left out
Bad government with no tight security
Our sufferness ain’t their priority
Now everybody are dying
We are all lamenting
The wages of sins alone in d country worth ending the world
But God has to forgive us in respect of the innocent ones
Now the only way to be safe is to stay at home
And government aren’t providing money to feed at home
How do they want us to feel at home
When we don’t have food to eat at home
Our government are bad for no reason
Dry and wet + corona equals to virus season
Am so pained because we are dying
And our government are not trying
When the country is not in a good state some one should please tell me how we would survive
We all engage in self isolation
Only God can save our nation
Swears we are starving in this season of quarantine
Lovers no longer share love as if it’s valentine
Government keep shouting stay safe!
They make no provisions to be saved
Banks and markets are shut down
Just let’s keep to government order
Keep social distance!
Let’s wash our hands!
Cover our mouth!
Stay home! Stay safe!


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