Ladies: Here Are 6 Types Of Men You Should Avoid Dating Once You Are 30

Having a chequered dating history is a part of growing up. What is necessary is to learn from past mistakes and prevent them from repeating themselves.

Meanwhile, here are six types of guys you should stop dating by the time you’re 30…

• The ‘really busy entrepreneur’ guy: While a strong work ethic is a plus, men who are still new in the business world may not be desirable once you’ve hit a certain age. You’re almost 30 and all eyes are on you to settle down. You have work/life balance already. So, dating a guy who doesn’t have such balance is going to bring you down. He is likely to either forget dates or cancel them outright at the last minute. He puts you second to work and doesn’t think being with you is a priority.


• The top 40 DJ: Also known as the ‘Going Nowhere Musician,’ leave this guy for girls who are still in their early 20s. He probably has funky looks, complete with lip or nose ring. He’s hopeful he’ll make it big one day, but he hasn’t, because all he did was remix others’ music and talk about what you can’t fathom! You have a high-paying job now and you don’t want to be supporting a starving artist who may depend on you forever! Or, maybe he’s a tech wannabe — the latest rave in Nigeria now. Time you faced reality and moved on!


• The lukewarm guy: This one keeps women on the fence. He sees you once a week for dates. He sometimes texts you all day long, and he sometimes goes for weeks without responding to your calls or texts. He keeps you interested, but he doesn’t appear serious with you. Don’t play a Job here! Move really fast on! Why? Because a guy is either obsessed with you or does not care about you at all. If he cancels dates, takes days to respond, and is generally not forthcoming, he’s definitely not into you. And you deserve better!


• The s*x-only guy: As an adult, you should be in control of your se*uality. Don’t feel obliged to date someone or do something you are not comfortable with. No man should take you for a ride. Get the drift?


• The weird boy Yes, he’s 30-something-years-old but he runs after secondary school girls and compares them to you. He uses drugs socially and dresses as if he couldn’t care less about your feelings. He’s the type that will never commit, and he will be an enormous waste of time. So, move on!


• The Mama’s Boy: A man should love his mother, but definitely NOT more than he loves you. A Mama’s Boy has been catered to his entire life and can do nothing for himself. He can’t even iron a shirt or change a light bulb. You are not a teenager and you should absolutely not be competing with a woman you can never compete with. He idolizes his mom and, like it or not, you will never be able to live up to his set of absurd standards. You deserve to be his main girl — not second to his mom.


The bottom line: You deserve someone who treats you like gold and also makes you feel wanted. Live your life and stop compromising.



Source: Punch

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