Kidnappers Who Killed Three Policemen in Edo and Got N61 Ransom, Arrested (Watch Video)

Four deadly kidnappers who reportedly killed three policemen after collecting N61 million ransom have been arrested.


The police in Edo State have arrested four suspects, who allegedly killed three policemen and abducted the manager of Ogba Zoo and Nature Park in Benin, Dr Andy Ehanire.

According to the spokesman of the Edo State police command, DSP Moses Nkombe, the suspected kidnappers were arrested in Delta State.

He said, “We arrested them in their hideouts. We are making effort now to recover arms and other things.

“They were arrested in Delta State early Thursday morning and they were already in Benin before 5a.m. “They have confessed to the crime. One of them who shot the policemen and the driver are among the people arrested.”

A video showing one of the suspected kidnappers narrating to policemen how they killed the three policemen and abducted Dr Ehanire had sufficed online in the early hours of Friday.

In the video, one of the suspected kidnappers said they were led into the operation by one Gabilo and that he drove the speedboat used in taking Dr Ehanire away after he had been abducted.

He said, “I was in my apartment when my friend, Gabilo called me. He said there was a job to do. I asked him the location and he said Benin…
“We came on a day he asked us to come. We drove on the river for a long time before I anchored the speedboat at a location.

“Gabilo told us that our tardownload was one man in Ogba Zoo. I was reluctant because I’m never interested in nearby jobs because of their tendency to land one in trouble.

“They went to the location of the job but they could not do anything because of the presence of policemen.

“Gabilo was the leader. This one here (pointing to a man on the floor) was in the bush with me.

Gabilo assured us that there was no problem and then called this one (pointing to another man on the floor) Eddie and told him that he needed to charter his taxi. He drove his car to our location.

“They went again but could not do the work due to the presence of the policemen. Some of the guys left due to the disappointment.

“Gabilo now called this one (pointing to a man on the floor) Aye. He came and joined me. I’m a specialist in driving of speedboats.

“So, Eddie now drove one guy they called Ezeigo, Gabilo, and one Awala to the location.”



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