I’m A Married Woman But I’m S*xually Attracted To Another Man At Work – Woman Cries Out

A woman is seeking immediate help after being faced with a dilemma that threatens to cause her heartaches in her marital life.

File photo used only for illustrative purpose
File photo used only for illustrative purpose


The young woman told her story, showing just how confused she is over a new crush she has on another man even though she is married.

Below is how she put it:


I am a married woman but I am s*xually attracted to a man at work. He is so handsome and has this glow in his eyes that tingles me.

I have to admit that the attraction is so strong and I must also confirm the feeling is mutual.

Seriously, it has been difficult holding myself from him but he gave me occasional brushes that set my body on fire.

My friends with whom I have had consultations, have advised me to save myself from future embarrassment by sticking to my man.

Although I have acted on this, I need some advice.

It is not easy for me at all.

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