I Grew Up Selling Fried Fish And Turkey In Mushin – Alhaji Alabi Pasuma


Alhaji Alabi Pasuma

Alhaji Wasiu Alabi Pasuma (born November 27, 1967), popularly known as “Oganla one”, is a Nigerian
Fuji musician & film actor. Pasuma was born on 27 November 1967 at Mushin in Lagos State and was brought up in Kwara State, western Nigeria.

While growing up, my father never wanted me to become a Fuji musician because I aspired to be a famous footballer when I was young. I remembered playing for a club then, I was almost selected to play World Cup but I was not eventually selected. As a result of that, I felt bittered and rejected and that was when I decided not to play football again and concluded football wasn’t my calling. My father said he wanted me to become an engineer or medical doctor.
Alhaji Pasuma also revealed he was very supportive to the family, he really helped his mother to sell her goods (fried fish and turkey) in a cinema at idi oro Mushin where he grew up.

Alhaji Pasuma said growing up as a hustler was a morale for him as it opened his eyes to the “streets” and there is nothing happening in the “streets”, that is unknown to him. He also said he sold tickets for football lovers who don’t want to queue before getting access to the stadium at the popular Teslim Balogun Stadium.

Alhaji Pasuma laid emphasis on the need for a good educational background and aspirations has he recall no Fuji artist stayed a graduate. They all get famous before they see its necessity then further decides to continue their education. He used himself as an example, revealing that he got the fame before he went back to continue his education at Ogun state polytechnic in 1995 with the likes of Femi Davies, then later proceeded to the Lagos state university (LASU) where he graduated in English language. He revealed that if not for his education he wouldn’t be able to accept interviews or go for any interviews.

According to him, he stated that Fuji music has been in existence in Nigeria before hip hop music. He proved this statement with the fact that hip hop is a borrowed music from the Americans and Fuji music has roots unlike hip hop that just came up suddenly.

He also cleared the rumors that have been spread about Fuji music to be for thugs and hoodlums. He said Fuji music and Hip hop are the basic genre of music that has received full acceptance in Nigeria now.

Pasuma advised parents who don’t want their children to do Fuji music not to repel such interest but rather carefully study their children so as to observe what their children are good at, guide them on how to do it rightly with the help of a good mentor, pray for them and the sky will be their limit.

You can also check the full interview video on 247ariya IG page now.

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