How Nairamarley Stole My Lyrics & Made A Hit Out Of It – Fuji Icon Alh Sulaimon Atawewe



It was an interesting interview session with Ace Fuji musician, Alhaji Sulaimon Adio Atawewe ‘Mr Sprirt’ as he shed more light about growing up in the Lagos island and Mushin Idi Oro.

Questioned how he managed to venture into music as African parents were always against it especially back in the early 80s. Mr. Spirit said his father never wanted any of his sons to grow up on the street of Mushin so he took him to Ikorodu to live with his grandmum. He said staying with his grandmother paved the way for his music career because his grandmum was more concerned about his talent and growth only that she always emphasized the warning to remember the son of who he is.

“I got the name Mr. Spirit from my second studio album where I mentioned myself as a metaphysical being so people started referring to me as Mr. Spirit.”
The Attorney General of Fuji music when asked about his first ‘Gig’ payment and the date. He said he can’t remember the payment and date of the gig and he still have plans to go back there for the real dates for record purpose.

He was also asked why did the Fuji musician no longer drop music albums as it used to be way back and he said recording an album as a Fuji artist takes a lot of time, concentration, money as Mr. Spirit advised Fuji artists to be steady and stay true to their craft as he knows it’s not easy to release albums to fans as they really do want it.

“Fuji music paved way for hip hop” Atawewe reveals as he also said hip hop artists do use some of Fuji artists’ lyrics in their songs and such artist won’t even give credit to the originator of the lyrics. He used Nairamarley as an example, revealing how he was just at home when he got a call From a loyal fan who asked if he had listened to the Nairamarley’s new song “Aye” which have been trending, reporting that Nairamarley used his(Atawewe) lyrics in the song titled “Aye”. Unfortunately, he couldn’t file a lawsuit against Nairamarley then because Nairamarley father is like a brother to him so he couldn’t sue Nairamarley.

Talking about the pandemic been an entertainer, Atawewe said the pandemic has affected the entertainment world terribly and he hopes everything comes to normal soon.

You can watch the full interview video on @247ariya Instagram page


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