Gobe! She Wants To Kill Me With S*x & One Hour S*x Seems Like 1 Minute To Her

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A relationship expert, Cynthia Valerian Raphaels has shared yet another interesting story which will leave many people shocked.

Read below:


Madam Cynthia, I have seen a woman to marry but I’m scared honestly. The reason is that she beats me hands down in s*x. She rarely gets tired. One hour s*x looks like 1 minute to her. When I am trying to rest she is warming up for another round. She is fun to be with, even when I refuses because I’m tried, she masturbates with dildo and fingers herself. She is 33 years and I am 37 years. Madam Cynthia, I am scared because of her insatiable desire.

We have had s*x in my office countlessly because she just comes in unexpectedly and before I know it ,we are on the table. I work in my father’s company. Madam Cynthia, it’s two years we knew and we have had s*x more than married couples, sometimes if she calls to say she is coming I will tell her my mother came around so she will not come. Any weekend she comes it will be s*x, s*x, s*x.

I live separately from my parents, so sometimes they come visiting mostly my mother. Cynthia she cooks well, very neat, but this excessive s*x scares me. I have told her about it, but she always say she will make me love s*x, I don’t see my self having s*x that way. What should I do?


Cynthia replied:-

Teach your partner how to prepare you for s*x. If you’re the slow-to-warm-up type, a body massage, foot rub, or a few minutes of no-pressure cuddling may help ease you into a more receptive frame of mind.Be willing to start lovemaking from a $exually neutral state. Cultivate a willingness to occasionally say yes to s*x for reasons other than a strong physical need. In a healthy relationship, occasionally having $ex simply to pleasure a partner can be an act of love.Split the difference. In other words, compromise. Alternate between doing what the higher-libido partner wants, doing what the lower-libido partner wants, and doing something in between such as bringing one partner to orgasm without involving the other partner in full-blown s*x.

This is a common cause for relationship problems, particularly for people who have trouble communicating with their partner. It can be a win/ lose situation that inevitably turns into a lose/lose situation. That is, the partner who has the higher drive feels hurt and rejected when s*x does not happen and the partner with lower drive feels pressured and resentful at having to perform when they don’t feel up to it. The best solution is usually for both partners to reach a compromise.

The higher-drive partner should understand that each person has their own natural s*x drive and should not feel rejected when their drive doesn’t fall in line with their partner’s. Finding non-$exual romantic ways to boost their partner’s libido may also prove helpful. Dealing with the libidinal feelings by masturbating or redirecting is another approach. For the partner with the lower drive, it is important to understand that their partner is not trying to pressure them. Responding to some of the non-$exual cues may help enhance their s*x drive.

Many times, simply being with their partner, holding them while they masturbate or masturbating them is an acceptable alternative that doesn’t require full-blown $exual involvement. If there is a large discrepancy, such as one partner wanting $ex every night of the week and the other only once a week, they could agree to engage in s*x twice or three times a week. Often this requires more of an attitude change than a physical change.


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