I Go Dye Standing On A Diplomatic Mission World Tour Storm Europe


After the success recorded of I Go Dye Last Man standing on a diplomatic mission in London, the world tour train moved to Europe. The Europe tour kicked off in Malta on May 20th, the super talented comedian fans in Austria Graz also witness the event.

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On Sunday  May 22nd, I Go dye last man standing was held in Prague, Czech Republic, where they paid a visit to the Nigeria Ambassador Czech Republic before heading to the Czech orphanage home with urban entertainment to dole out gifts to mark the urban entertainment 4th years anniversary.


The tour train moved to Augsburg Germany on the 28th of May, while the residents of Napoli, Italy played host to I Go Dye Standing on the 29th of May.


The event will also be held in  Amsterdam Holland on June 3rd  Coppergham Denmark, June 4th, Vicenza Italy June 5th,America and canada, the events will take place from June/July while I Go Dye’s Asian fans will catch a glimpse of him in August.

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