Ghanaian Man Stabbed to Death Over a Meal of ‘Banku’

A Ghanaian man, Ziblila Ibrahim popularly known as Bulubulu, is currently evaluating his life in a police cell after he was arrested for allegedly stabbing another man to death over, wait for it, a plate of popular Ghanaian dish, banku.

The deceased, 25-year-old Iddrisu Yakubu, a tipper driver, was stabbed to death in Nayilifong in Gushegu Township of the Nothern Region, Modern Ghana reports.

According to the victim’s uncle, Abdulsalam Yakubu, trouble started at a local banku joint where both men went to eat. The suspect, who probably came first, had accused the deceased of bypassing him to be served first.

“Unexpectedly, the suspect later accosted my nephew on his way home and stabbed him to death at 10 pm last night,” the bereaved uncle narrated.
People have been known to do crazy things in the name of food. People have been reported to snatch lunch packs from helpless primary school pupils going to school. At another time, a family man was caught stealing a pot of soup and wraps of fufu in the middle of the night. But, killing another person in the name of food just trumps everything else.

An angry mob later attempted to burn down the family home of Mr Ibrahim the suspect but was repelled by the Gushegu police who had promptly arrived at the crime scene. But the family of the deceased won’t back down and have admonished the police to quickly prosecute the suspect and promptly deliver justice or they would be forced to retaliate.

The body of the deceased has been deposited at the Gushegu district hospital morgue.

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