What G-Worldwide Entertainment Ltd Will Not Tell You”- Kiss Daniel Responds To Lawsuit

Kiss Daniel
Kiss Daniel has responded to the lawsuit filed against him by his soon to be former management, G-Worldwide Entertainment Ltd who released a lawsuit against him earlier today stating that the singer has breached the 7 years contract he signed with them in 2013 by leaving the record label to start his own and also agreeing to perform under the name “Kiss Daniel”, a name they said belongs to the label according to the deal signed.

The singer has released a statement in response to the lawsuit stating that there are some things G-Worldwide Entertainment did not talk about in their explicit public notice. According to the released statement which came from L&A Legal Consultants, G-Worldwide has gone behind Kiss Daniel to apply for an injunction to restrain Kiss Daniel but the Federal Governement did not approve G-Worldwide’s application because according to the statement, they saw through the deceit of G-Worldwide Entertainment. This and many more “truths” were revealed in the statement because according to them, a lie becomes true over time when not responded to.

Read the statement below;

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