The Four Most Dangerous S*x Positions Men Should Run Away From

If you are a man and most times you see yourself engaging in these four s*x positions, better be warned before you land in big trouble.


Can you guess which bedroom moves are the most dangerous? I’ll give you a clue – it’s not missionary.

Injuries during $ex are more common than you think and the positions you experiment with have a lot to do with it.

You might think s*x is pretty safe, but guys can do some serious damage to their manhoods if they test out certain positions.

Researchers in B.razil studied patients with Pen!s fractures to see what they’d been up to in bed before they heard the gruesome cracking sound.

And one position was revealed as the most dangerous by far, followed by three other potentially-harmful moves.
It might not put you off, but here are a list of the most dangerous $exual manoeuvres:

1. Girl On Top
A recent study found that the popular woman-on-top position is the most dangerous.

The Raunc#y position, which is one of the best positions to make a woman orgasm, was deemed responsible for half of all penile fractures according to researchers in B.razil.

Scientists believe it is because the woman controls the Pen!s with her entire body weight landing on it and is unable to interrupt it when it suffers a “wrong way penetration”.

2. The Pogo Stick
This is basically missionary, but standing up.

The move is risky because it is likely to put strain on the guys back. This can cause long term back problems.

Jiggling around while standing up also means your run the risk of falling over and the woman is at risk of being dropped.

3. Doggy
According to a recent study by Ann Summers, Doggy Style is actually the nation’s favourite $ex position.

The poll of adults across the UK found that one in four people favour that $ex position – while 23% like Woman On Top.

But research in B.razil found that 29% of men’s Pen!s fractures were caused by this move.

4. The Cowgirl Lean Back
You’re on your back and she’s sitting on top of you, but rather than leaning forward with her hands on your chest, she’s leaning right back with her hands on your ankles.

This position puts strain on the Pen!s and can bend it the wrong way.

Like an elbow or knee, your erect Pen!s can be “hyperextended” if you put too much or too frequent downward pressure on the shaft, a study from the University of California, San Francisco found.

Over time, this can lead to peyronie’s disease—a buildup of plaques that causes your rod to bend while erect.

This can make s*x difficult or even impossible in extreme cases.

So maybe make her lean forward in future!
If you want to play it safe in the bedroom, the best position to go for is man-on-top, more commonly known as Missionary.

“Our study supports the fact that $exual intercourse with ‘woman on top’ is the potentially riskiest $exual position related to penile fracture,” said the scientists who conducted the study into Pen!s fractures.

“When the man is controlling the movement, he has better chances of stopping the penetration energy in response to the pain related to the Pen!s harm, minimising it.”

You have been warned!

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