#EndSARS Protests Not A Failure – Ruggedman

Rapper and activist, Michael Stephens, aka Ruggedman, who was one of the active entertainers who were active during the #EndSARS protests, has said the movement did not fail.

He told Sunday Scoop, “The #EndSARS protest is far from being a failure. It was a monumental success but for the unfortunate shooting of peaceful protesters at the Lekki tollgate. That has caused a pause to physical protesting in Nigeria for now. However, Nigerians in Diaspora are still protesting. The cause was a great success because it showed the world what Nigerians were going through at the hands of the police. It showed the world how poor our politicians are at conflict resolution. It showed the world why we were protesting in the first place. It showed Nigerian politicians and the world how resourceful, organised and amazing Nigerian youths could be when it is needed. Now, the youths are awake to the power they have in unity. It has and is still letting the world know that we are demanding for a better Nigeria for everyone, not just a select few. I am glad to read about Nigerians who couldn’t care less about politics in the past, now talking about getting involved by obtaining their permanent voter cards to vote for their preferred candidates on merit.”

Reacting to Nigerians who blamed celebrities for the death of some protesters, Ruggedman called such individuals mischief makers. He said, “I did not see celebrities shooting at peaceful protesters, so I believe those are the comments of mischief makers. Mischief makers like the ones who tried to deny that the shooting at the Lekki tollgate ever took place. They really do not matter anyway because we have seen videos showing what happened. The blood of the innocent lives lost will be on the head of whoever tries to sweep it under the carpet.”

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