Breaking!!! The Man Behind MEND, Avengers And JNDLF Revealed



Something very fishy is going on in the Niger Delta.
This news house believes that The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND), Niger Delta Avengers and the Joint Niger Delta Liberation Force, are working for/controlled by one person.

That person is Government Ekpemupolo, AKA Tompolo.

Hear us out.


Who is Tompolo?
The Nigerian State tagged Tompolo as the most wanted man between 2006 and 2009. He is a prominent figure within MEND.
He and his boys terrorized State oil workers and installations in the Delta region. He was later granted amnesty and became a top confidant to former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Goodluck granted Tompolo a contract to handle maritime security issues for the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, NIMASA.
Under this guise, Tompolo bought Norwegian naval battleships and combat six fast-speed Hauk-class guided missile boats.

Please remember the word SIX!

Simply put: A “former” militant officially owns warships and boats with fully loaded missiles. And not just any missile, but surface to air missiles which can shoot down planes.

Then Goodluck lost the election and “New” militant groups surfaced.

Let that sink.

Who is Avengers and Joint Niger Delta Liberation Force?

They are militants. They promised to launch SIX missiles. Avengers, begged Joint Niger Delta Liberation Force to shelve missile launching. They agreed willy-nilly.
Out of the blues, Tompolo distanced himself from the violence wrecked by the “New” militant groups describing it as a “dastardly act.”

Then Tompolo turns around at Buhari and says “He (Buhari) should allow the people of the Niger Delta region to know peace, otherwise he will not know peace as well.”

Then Avengers and Joint Niger Delta Liberation Force threatens Tompolo.

Tompolo flees to Libya (According to Avengers). How did they know this?

Coincidentally, GEJ, Buhari and reportedly OBJ met in London for different purposes. Days after their coincidental meeting, Avengers announces a truce and were ready to dialogue with Buhari.

Remember that Tompolo ALONE has the capacity to launch SIX MISSILES.


Here is the shocker!

MEND, who supposedly has nothing to do with Niger Delta Avengers and Joint Niger Delta Liberation Force names prominent Niger Deltans that will dialogue with Buhari.

You heard us well. MEND, not Niger Delta Avengers, not Joint Niger Delta Liberation Force, named their dialogue team.

Recall that Since Henry Okah’s incarceration, one Gbomo Jomo, who we believe is Tompolo assumed leadership of MEND.

So MEND announced a seven-member team, led by Odein Ajumogobia, a former Minister of Petroleum, to dialogue with the Federal Government. MEND and Tompolo are supposed to be at loggerheads with Avengers, right?

Na lie!

Their dialogue team includes Bismark Rewane, Florence Ita-Giwa, Timipa Jenkins Okponipere, Ledum Mitee, Lawson Omokhodion and Ibanga Isine.


This is the shocker! Wait for it….

Mr. Gbomo Jomo stated that other members of the negotiating team would be made public in due course after consultations with relevant stakeholders.
Synopsis and deductions from this analysis are these:

1.Tompolo heads MEND.
2.Tompolo is Gbomo Jomo
3.Tompolo alone has the capacity to launch SIX missiles
4.If MEND and Avengers are “quarrelling,” how come MEND is the group nominating and putting together a dialogue team for Avengers?

You get our drift?

A drama is happening in Niger Delta and Tompolo knows the actors.

Source: Vanguard

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