8 Things African MEN Want From Their WOMEN (Only Few Women Have)

Generally, everyone knows men are visual creatures. This will naturally make one assume that a guy’s initial attraction to a lady will be her beauty and physical strengths.

Nevertheless, men are looking for deeper, substantive and enduring traits in a woman beyond what he thinks about her physical attributes.

Some women could be extremely beautiful and loved from afar but you could hate them when you get to know them.

Regardless of a woman’s beauty, here are 8 important things every African man would adore about a woman.


#1:. A Good Smile

It is very important to know that the best makeup a woman can ever put on is a smile. There is nothing like an ever smiling lady, her smile could melt the heart of a man. Your smiles are like diamonds, very precious to your man.

A lady that smiles often is thought by many as one with a good heart.


#2:. Be A Good Listener

It is not all women that have the patience to listen but some ladies are blessed with this gift. Although it is a rare gift among women because most times women complain more than they listen. Men always have issues to overcome and they would cherish a woman who would always be there to listen.


#3:. Be Respectful

In many relationships respect has lost its value. Lately, men are now victims of domestic violence in their homes. Some women have forgotten the common saying that “a respectful woman would win a man’s heart with ease.” If you want respect from your man, you should be ready to respect him too, but your respect doesn’t mean ignorance. It has to be reciprocated.


#4:. Be Independent

In as much as a man wants to feel wanted and special just like you do, he loves a confident and independent woman who knows her worth. Gone are those days when men value women that depend on them for everything. Most men cherish hardworking women and not a liability.


#5:. Be Of Good Company

Every guy loves a lady that can be a good company. Life and work can be so stressful! Your partner is the one person with whom you can let your guard down for. Some ladies could be so boring, besides $ex there is nothing fun about them anymore.

Have fun, try to create that special rapport with your man so when he’s not with you, he would miss every bit of you.


#6:. Be Yourself

Femininity is about both appearance and attitude. Be yourself, embracing your beauty, softness, tenderness, nurturing, sweet side that men just don’t have generally. These days, most ladies fake everything about them. Faking your real identity would only keep a man for the short-term.


#7:. Be A Good Cook

It is generally said that the way to a man’s heart is his stomach. Men love women who cook superb meals. As a woman, learn to be creative with food. Even if it is something little, men love home-made food especially the ones made by their woman.

Have you ever wondered why ladies that cook really tasty meals have so many male friends?


#8:. Be Appreciative

If you are thankful for everything no matter how little, you will be loved by many. Lately, ladies do not appreciate the little things their man does for them. Meanwhile, men love and cherish a lady that appreciates everything he does for her no matter how little.

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