8 Signs That Tell Whether He Is Your Future Husband Or Just A Waste Of Time

You are dating this guy from quite some time, but are not sure if he is really the man of your dreams? We are pretty sure that a lot of our lovely ladies might have found this familiar. Well girls, if you observe carefully, you will know that the difference between the guy you are dating and your future husband lies in small things. And, those are, his small gestures as well as his behaviour in the relationship. Wondering what they are? Well, do not worry till the time we are here to help you.

So, here are the signs that will tell you if your man is really your future husband or just a waste of time.


#1. He listens to you
A man with the intentions of marrying you will be genuinely interested in you. Hence, he will lend his ears to you whenever you speak. This quality may be absent in someone who is not serious about you.


#2. He is genuinely concerned about you
The one actually in love with you will worry about your safety, your health, your career, your well-being, and even the smallest thing related to you. But, a random guy will not even fake so much of interest in you.


#3. He includes you in his future plans
You will notice him talking more about ‘us’ than ‘me’, if he is serious about you. He may even unconsciously slip a word or two about marriage, kids, and getting old together.


#4. He is ready to make sacrifices for you
Your future husband will be ready to make sacrifices and compromises in order to keep you happy and also, to keep the relationship going. Of course, not always! But, whenever possible, he will do so because your happiness matters a lot to him.


#5. He calls you up without any reason
Well, of course there is a reason. He might be missing you, or is concerned about you. Or, probably he had a bad day, and just wants to listen to your voice! Whatever the reason is, such calls are one of the signs that your relationship with this man is a meaningful one.


#6. He shows interest in your family
Not every guy will show interest in getting involved or even get acquainted with your family in the early stages of dating. And, if you find one, maybe he is just the ‘one’ for you.


#7. He introduces you to his family and friends
The right man in your life will not only take interest in your family, but will also be interested in introducing you to his family and friends. On the other hand, someone who does not see any future with you will be hesitant to take this step.

#8. He is ready to wait for lovemaking
While a ‘not so serious’ guy might just be looking for some physical intimacy, the one who truly loves you will wait as long as you want. And, he will never even pressurise you for the same.

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