62 Nigerians Have Committed Suicide In The Last Six Months – Police


The official confirmation that the Nigerian economy is in recession by the Federal Government on August 31, appears to have further stimulated more suicide cases across the nation.

In the last six months, seven out of the 36 states of the federation sampled, have recorded over 62 cases of suicides according to statistics from the various police commands by Saturday Telegraph

Ogun and Lagos states have the highest figures of 25 and 12 respectively. Although, psychologists had predicted this, while citing financial and economic troubles that many Nigerians are currently facing, many are still surprised at the huge statistics.

The poor economy has compelled companies to close shop because of harsh operating environment and difficulties in sourcing foreign exchange. Consequently, many have been thrown into the Labour market, thereby increasing people’s anxiety, depression and frustration.

According to Saturday Telegraph investigations, many are now embracing suicide as short cut to end hardship and economic nightmares not minding that Nigerians consider the act a taboo. With this, their supposed misery and suffering brought about by the prevailing recession are buried with them.

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