6 Possible Signs You Are A Boring Boyfriend

Every relationship needs that spark, and you can but agree that being boring would not bring any spark to a relationship and being boring can also make your woman easily get of the relationship if care isn’t taken.


Many ladies complain of how boring their man is, and it can be so frustrating to be in a boring relationship with a boring partner for months.

Being a boring man wouldn’t help your relationship in any way. Try to be the man who spices things up, the man who continually thrills his lady and the man who makes her happy.

So many men put up boring acts and don’t even know it. Below are possible signs you are a boring boyfriend and need to change ASAP.

You are always with your boys: “When you are the kind of guy who continually leaves his girl just to be with his pals then you are a boring boyfriend and probably an uncaring boyfriend too; always being with your boys at the expense of your lady would definitely make her feel bored”.

Fun to you is only s3x: “To some men, if it isn’t s3x then it isn’t fun; some men only feel that s3x is the only way to have fun, and such kind of men are totally boring”.

You are highly predictable: “When you can’t string a surprise or two to your lady then you are a boring boyfriend, it doesn’t pay to be always predictable; try to spice things up and give your relationship a boost”.

You are not anywhere close to being romantic: “A romantic man is the lady’s dream, while an unromantic man is a lady’s nightmare; it’s even worse when you aren’t close to being a romantic man; any man who can’t thrill a lady with his romantic side is a bore”.

You hate going out: “If you are the type of man who would rather not be out with his lady, but spend every time with her indoors then you are a boring man, an evening stroll, date nights, cinemas and the lots add spice to the relationship; but if you are the kind of man who wouldn’t have any of these, but rather prefer being indoors then you are a boring man”.

You don’t know how to make your woman laugh: “If you can’t make your lady laugh then at least make her smile but if you are the kind of man who doesn’t even know what to do to make his lady laugh or even smile then that’s the height of it all — it couldn’t get worse than that”.

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