5 Things Men Should Know About Single Ladies In Lagos

If you have arrived Lagos, and as a single man, are looking to find love or at least a female companion while in the city then you are in luck as there is a high chance you will find and connect with the woman of your dreams.

Lagos women are not your average run of the mill and being the treasure that they are, they tend to be very elusive. However, in case you are determined in the quest to date a single Lagos lady, Jumia Travel, Africa’s largest hotel booking portal suggests a few things you should know about single Lagos City ladies.

Single Ladies
Single Ladies

They earn their own money

Lagos ladies are not lazy, so confusing them with kept women would be a huge error on your part. They are smart, goal-oriented and proactive. They have high-powered jobs, live in their own apartment or houses, drive cars purchased with their hard-earned money and this means that you will have to work hard to get their attention, as well as show them you are worth a shot.

They can accomplish any task on the move

These girls are ambidextrous and can juggle a lot of things at the same time. Don’t be surprised to see a Lagos lady closing a tight deal on the phone while sorting out documents for her next meeting, all while in motion. In fact, if they needed to, they could change a baby’s diaper while crossing Ozumba Mbadiwe express. Good thing is they are also very spontaneous and know when and how to infuse fun to their daily lives. You may need to work hard to keep up with them.

You can trace their heritage back to anywhere

When it comes to Lagos ladies, do not judge the book by the cover. Do not assume that a Lagos lady automatically originates from Lagos state or is of Yoruba descent. A lady who considers herself a “Lagosian” must likely has mastered a British or American accent. This does not mean that she hasn’t mastered the Lagos way of life like the back of her hand. It simply means she’s versatile.

They are smarter than you perceive

Think about it, they have to be extremely smart in order to hold the same jobs and afford comparable apartments in one of the toughest cities in the country. If you think you can deceive or play around with them, you are in for a huge surprise as they can smell lies from a mile off. They are twice as smart as you are and so, you need to be real with them.

They are incredibly passionate

Lagos ladies are incredibly passionate about almost everything. They are happy people with a zest for life. Lagos as a city is so full of places to fall in love with and things to be excited about and they love to explore and do all they can. This means that their idea of a date would probably not be the “come over and hang out” thing most guys tend to propose…at least, not for the first few dates.